There aren’t many things that I dislike more than telling someone “about myself”.  It’s such an awkward task.  Do you start by telling them where and when you were born?  Who your best friend was in the 9th grade?  Why do you love nachos or why do you hate cake?  Does any of this really matter in the grand scheme?  Not really.  What matters is how you feel and what you believe.

As for me, I feel.  A lot.  And I’ve been through almost everything a woman can endure in the decades I have walked this planet.  I am also extremely passionate about my beliefs, which in this blog you will soon become plainly aware.

This is my page.  My thoughts, feelings and beliefs.   Here, you will find my ramblings about nearly anything and everything that pops in this noggin of mine at any given time.

So, there you have it.