Lee Meta Blanchard was raised by a family of extraordinary expressive talents.  She spent her formative years dabbling in the creative arts as influenced by the matriarchs of her family.

After receiving degrees in Journalism, Photography, Communications and Film Studies, Blanchard worked for several years as both a counselor and director of a program for at-risk youth.  Isn’t that how all graduates who followed those academic paths make a living?  Maybe not, but she will tell you it was the most fulfilling career she could have chosen. In search of a less hectic lifestyle,  she resigned from this position with the NYS Education department five years ago. Though no longer in their employ, she has remained in contact with the majority of her former students (she calls them her “babies”) and their families, always available to them when they are in need.

Blanchard is now focused on raising her young son in their 200 year-old farmhouse.  She currently owns and operates a primitive antique business, and has revisited her passions of writing, photography and creative expression.

A writer, photographer and artisan,  Blanchard is an active mother with a voice that is worthy of being heard.  This blog exhibits her talents and unique voice commenting on whatever strikes her fancy.  You never know what topic she will choose to discuss.  And, quite frankly, that is what makes this blog so entertaining.